Many universities in Indonesia work with various foreign universities to hold dual degree courses. After this course program, students have the opportunity to have two degrees at once. Here are tips for those who want to study in this type of program.

Straighten intention
Attending a college double degree program tends to be more difficult than usual. You will face various challenges and difficulties. Therefore, you must align your intentions and determination to start and end this conference program.

Learn English
Learning English is very important for taking dual degree courses. English is used as the language of instruction when studying abroad. You will also write a thesis in English. Prepare your ability to speak well and write in English. Your ability can be proven with a TOEFL or IELTS certificate.

If there is a double degree university in Europe, you should prepare an IELTS score. European universities tend to choose IELTS because of their English skills. Therefore, you must take an IELTS course so that the IELTS score meets the specified standards.  Source :

Meet the registration requirements
The next tip is to meet the registration requirements. There are many requirements that you must prepare and fill. All requirements require relatively long preparation time. You must prepare various requirements such as passports, visas, resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation, value transcripts, TOEFL / IELTS certificates, achievement certificates, etc.

Look for scholarships
Double degree programs require a lot of money. The large amount of money is often an obstacle for double degree programs. You must prepare all fees starting from the registration fee to the cost of the needs when you study abroad. If you have enough money, the college process will be younger.

However, if you still want to study a double degree program for free, you can look for scholarships. You can find scholarship information from Nuffic Neso Orange Tulip Exchange (OTS). This scholarship can help you study double degrees at European universities, especially Dutch universities.

In addition to scholarships, you can submit financial assistance proposals for dual degree programs in the Rectorate, Kopertis or DIKTI. This is also a way to help pay school fees.

Prepare funds or deposits
Even if you receive a scholarship or financial assistance, you certainly must prepare funds or deposits to settle in the country where you study. You have to show that you have saved about 60 million. This can be proven by showing the certificate.

If you don’t know the amount, you can make a statement on behalf of your parents. The certificate shows that parents will pay for school fees while abroad.

Learn the habits and adjust
The most common difficulty is adaptation. You have to adjust your academic climate abroad. You will meet various friends from several countries. You also need to know how to get along with them. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and speakers. If you have difficulty learning or don’t understand the speaker’s explanation, you can record it. You can also ask the speaker to explain points that you don’t understand. Source :

Now, the desire to study a double degree program can easily be done . Read and apply these tips and you can have two bachelor’s degrees after your degree has been obtained.