Easy Ways to Overcome Wrong Images on WhatsApp

Easy Ways to Overcome Wrong Images on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, one of the software that is now very popular with the public. This app, which began operating in 2009, offers many services such as chat, telephone and video calls.

The ease of interaction is a matter offered by WhatsApp in this sophisticated age. More and more people use WhatsApp, creating companies continues to add quality.

The latest, WhatsApp struggles to overcome the problem that is often present, namely the wrong send image. Error sending this image is not the least experienced by all users.

But take it easy, now WhatsApp has found a solution to the problem. Solution for sending images incorrectly on WhatsApp. https://bit.ly/2kBONKo

The latest feature is resolving incorrectly sending images

Misreading of images is not uncommon. Therefore WhatsApp is struggling to improve the features so that users are more comfortable. One of the efforts that was developed was the latest feature to overcome wrong sending of images.

The latest feature will allow the user to see the recipient’s name before sending the message. The recipient’s name is under the heading that is used to double-check the recipient’s name so there is no error in sending the image.

This feature can be applied to what group private message?

The latest WhatsApp feature can be used for personal and group chat messages. WhatsApp will automatically have an explanation of the recipient’s name under the title before the image expedition. WhatsApp aspires with its latest features to overcome incorrectly sent images.  https://bit.ly/2k8Pgnb

Perform an update so that you can apply the latest features

To find these new features, WhatsApp users on Android need to install version 2.19.173. Unfortunately this feature is still in the testing stage to the point where the new version is beta. IOS users still don’t know whether WhatsApp will create similar features or not.