Coloring pages for kids:Transportation

Coloring pages for kids: Transportation-educational games for preschool kids.

Children learn about the world around them directly to touch, smell and taste, on display, and understanding. But the world, it is beyond the touch of children, they imagine is an infinite space for imagination and creativity.

Educational Games, website is a coloring page for children: transportation designed to introduce the child with a very interesting, but narrow sphere of the worldwide, which is beyond the immediate experience is the world of vehicles. Thus, the lush fantasy of children takes a certain picture-bikes, motorcycles, cars, trains, tanks, ships, planes or rockets to fly into space.

The game contains a library of black and white templates, where the children will paint. For this purpose from the toolbar — it is at the bottom of the screen,-the child chooses their favorite color, and therefore the canvas. The paint appears only in the place, where it was, on the idea of the image writer, И СЛЕДУЕТ НАНОСИТЬСЯ.

Children can also draw your own pictures. Tool: The clean canvas on the canvas is on the playing field,-paint, pencil or brush, and eraser. And the main thing is to encourage parents as inspiration, and your own imagination.

Except for the ordinary paint, you can draw with neon paint — they attach a holiday mood image. And as a peak of — to draw you can paint powder. This is the paint, which burns like fireworks.
Images can be decorating stickers, and with pictures, you can decorate your computer desktop background image as a parent.