Funniest Running Man Episodes

Running Man, this SBS station game comedy show aired its first episode in July 2010, and still exists today. Of all the episodes that have been aired by SBS, there are some of the most exciting episodes of Running Man that won’t get bored watching because of the humor of the guest stars and members in them. Well, based on Kmazing this article will reviewing funniest running man episodes that are guaranteed to make you laugh because the action of the guest stars is super funny.

funniest running man episodes

Episode 254: SNSD. Girls Generation or SNSD have appeared as guest stars on running man episode 254 in 2015 yesterday. The episode not only succeeded in shaking our stomach, but also got a very high rating, 9.7 from a scale of 10. Really amazing! This appearance became the first appearance after Jessica’s departure, as well as the first for Sooyoung and Tiffany. This Running man episode contains a challenge to get out of the game world by displaying SNSD members who play in the mud field and play giant size tetris. This one of the funniest running man episodes was also enlivened by Minho ShiNee who made their adventure even more exciting.

Funniest Running Man Episodes Featuring SNSD and Park Bo Gum

Episode 342: Kim Dong Wook, Park Bo Gum. The actor’s name Park Bo Gum skyrocketed like crazy after he played the character Choi Taek in a drama titled Reply 1998. This beautiful-looking actor was again offered to be a surprise guest star in the episode that carries the theme ‘Majority Race! Dangerous Unanimity’. Park Bo Gum did not take part in the show from the beginning to the end, but suddenly appeared and helped other members complete their mission. In this episode the members will be asked to collect items to fill a house, such as carpets, sofas, mattresses, to the toilet.

Episode 147: Flower Boy. Epidose 147 should not be missed for Running Man lovers. Haha’s cuteness which continues to get bad luck and becomes the place where Jong Kook vented his anger will add to the episode’s excitement. A funny action begin when the show carrying out the acupuncture mat mission plus a drum band performance from Yoo Jae Suk and Kwang Soo, making this as one of the funniest running man episodes.