The Guide on how you improve the IELTS Academic Test: Reading, Speaking, and Writing

IELTS academic test is designed for people who are planning for taking higher education or for those who are seeking professional registration.

IELTS reading test

Here are some ways to make you get the most of reading test success.
• Look out for the hearings, title, and other features such as underlining, italics, capital letters, tables, figure, and others.
• Ensure you understand the question mean and follow the instruction
• Pay attention in the timing test, do not take a too long time for one passage or question.
• Do not try to read every word.
• If you do not know the answer for a question, then move to the next one. If you have time, you can back for the question later.
• Do not worry if there is any word that you do not know as you may not need this. When you read, you need to know the main topic is.

Useful tips when taking IELTS writing test

IELTS Academic – Next is the IELTS writing task that will test your writing skills.
• Read the task very carefully before writing the answer. Make sure that you are understood for the question. Ask yourself on what the topic will be and every sentence that you write should be linked and relate with the topic.
• Take a few minutes for writing the short outline that will help you to define the main point of view and the idea for the paragraph. By creating an outline, you can focus to write the essay.
• When writing the essay, write in clear and focus, keep the sentences short and simple that makes it more understandable. Avoid common and plain language and informal expressions.

• Do not use the same words repeated too often, instead, use a synonym as this will make your essays look varies and this will very useful when you need to emphasize the same idea in a paragraph.
• Take some moment to edit your essay. At this moment, you should aware and fix every spelling and grammatical flaws before you submit the answer.
The IELTS writing test can be challenging to do. The setting test is pressuring where the candidate only has limited time for thinking and focus to answer and present it as a well-structured essay. The mistakes in grammar and spelling can occur when you get rushed to complete the essay and sometimes people get lose their logical flow when writing.

IELTS Academic – Tricks for speaking test success

IELTS Academic – The IELTS speaking test can be tricky so you need to practice often to improve your speaking test. This deep guide will help you to have the correct answer for speaking test.
• Step 1. Understand the speaking test format
• Step 2. Mark the criteria. Understand how the test will be marked. This is very important as the examiner will define objective criteria for evaluating the speaking level so you need to understand how they do the marking criteria.
• Step 3. Find the reliable speaking test and then practice it.
• Step 4. Record yourself to find out your own ability
• Step 5. Evaluate. With the recorded practice, listen back and then note down the areas that you need to improve. With this, you are able to raise the awareness and complete your weakness.