How To Use OBS Studio To Live Stream 2019

The base canvas resolution is what your desktop is set to which you can check by affected this which you can check by right-clicking under desktop if you’re on Windows and then going to display settings and then advanced display of settings and then you go to your resolution and whatever that’s set to that’s what you want to set your base canvas resolution to so let’s go back to video so that would be 1920 x 1080 just set that to whatever your monitors are of resolution is so the output scaled resolution is going to be what the people are going to see so for example if you chose the 720p stream over here you would set this to you would set it to 1280 by 720 so I’m going 1080p so I choose 1920 x 1080 I think 480p is 852 by 480

And anything below that is really not worth streaming with okay so downscale filter what this basically does is it down scales things right so if you go for a Boleyn ear it’ll be really fast but blurry is scaling what that means is say your monitor is 1080p and if you–if you’re streaming at 720p then it’s going to start blurring your stuff so then you’d want to choose bicubic so basically if you’re scaling choose bicubic and if you are not scaling if you’re streaming at the same resolution that your desktop is then just go belen ear and then fps you’d want to go down here click common FPS values so if you checked 1080p then you would just go with 30fps and

If you check 1080p 60fps then you’d go with 60 same thing with 720p 60fps and 720p as you can see it says you should set the FPS to 60 if you’re doing 60 frames per second now the FPS does take extra bitrate so really I mean 720p 60fps if you’re doing gaming then I highly recommend doing 60fps but if you’re not doing gaming 60 FPS is kind of useless so I’m going to be doing 60 60 FPS personally if you want to go 30 if you don’t want to take up performance it’s not required 30 FPS still looks fine you can definitely go down to 32 knock some performance off your so I’m going to be going 60 and after you’re done with that hit apply all right so the next thing I want to do is go to