Bali Vacation For Romantic Destination And Honeymoon

Bali vacation has everything to offer. It is a great island if you want a romantic destination. It is amazing to stay there if you are planning on your honeymoon. Here are some reasons why you should choose Bali for honeymoon and Bali full day tour. These reasons are from our experts in our Company, Nusa Penida Go Vacation.

Bali Offers Spectacular Accommodation

Bali has endless hotels and resorts. You can find simple beach hut or luxurious resorts in the world. You can stay in a beach resort. Also, it is possible to stay in a jungle resort.

We recommend you to stay in private villas. There are many large villas with large tropical gardens in Bali. These villas are so affordable.

Endless Options For Activities and Places

If you love sports activities, you can go swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Other than that, you can do mountain hiking, water rafting, and surfing. It is fine if you love something so cultural. For example, you can visit temples, visit woodcarvers, or visit galleries.

Bali Vacation Is A Romantic Island

Bali is a great place to make your holiday is so memorable. It is so romantic to explore the island with the deserted beaches, romantic sunset, and healthy meal. There are many things to do like enjoying the rice field terraces or going to a tropical spa.

The Climate In Bali Is Perfect

There are many popular destinations in Bali and these places are in all-year season. There will be no severe storms or hurricanes compared to other tropical places. In Bali, the temperature is below 25 degree Celsius. It is not super hot. Eventually, you can enjoy mountain retreat if you need to get a cooler climate in Bali.

Bali Is Great To Hunt Honeymoon Photos

Every month, there are 800 to 1200 weddings from all over the world hold in Bali. It is the second most popular place for a wedding destination. The cost of wedding photographers in Bali is quite high. There are endless backdrops and locations in Bali. Therefore, you can get the best honeymoon photos in your life.