HOW OBS Tutorial Series

The max under 60 is a little bit overkill honestly back to the streaming tab rescale output you can do that if you want that’s up to you resolution stuff I’m not doing it because I streamed directly at 1280 by 720 but if you’re doing 1920 by 1080 or something you might want to do that let’s talk about the big the big setting that I avoided until now the encoders quick sync is missing I’m not sure why it’s not in my list but I wouldn’t want use it anyway it’s never been one that was very popular nvidia encoder and x264 are here Nvidia’s here because I have an Nvidia card and x264 is the default the difference here is one of them is using the graphics card obviously x264 is going to hit your cpu tvmelayu

And it’s going to hit it hard so if you don’t have a powerful CPU you might have trouble here but it is recommended because generally it gives better quality gives you a lot of control Nvidia’s has come pretty far it’s got a bad reputation people tend to think that it looks ugly but if you set it right and if you have extra bandwidth to throw at it you can actually make it look pretty good but if you can help but I would recommend x264 so let’s talk about that right control CBR is constant bitrate and that’s what twitch expects so you should use that it’s going to just constantly stream in my case 2500 bit right here the bitrate is how much bandwidth you’re using into the stream to make it look good so the higher this number is the better just know that you’re not really allowed to go over I think it’s six Meg’s now so 6000 that’s pretty high I wouldn’t really recommend that either especially

If you’re streaming like retro games honestly you could get away with much lower than 2500 for retro games it really depends on what you’re broadcasting 2500 is not enough for some 60 FPS first person shooter game by any means but it’s not bad and it looks okay down here custom buffer size I wouldn’t really use this you don’t really need bits for streaming it’s going to cause you some trouble I would just ignore this and key interval twitch wants you to use too so just use to their CPU usage here’s the big setting and people get baffled by this so much they try to explain it with a little tooltip here the higher equals less CPU higher in this case is ultra fast so ultra fast is awful don’t use that like