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The properties for a game capture it’s going to show mode capture any fullscreen application which probably works for a lot of cases but you may end up getting the wrong application recording in there if you tend to alt-tab between a bunch of applications while you’re recording so what I actually prefer is to click on the mode and go to specific window and then you can click on this drop-down and you can choose from the windows which are currently open on your computer now if you don’t see your game and your game is open you might need to do a window capture instead of a game capture worst case you can use a display capture

And capture your entire screen and as long as the game’s full screen that would work as well but the reason that stardew valley isn’t showing up in this list is because i don’t actually have the game open so I’m just going to go ahead and open up my copy of star D Valley and then we’ll be able to select that window ok so we can see now my starter Valley game is full screen and I should be able to go ahead and select it in the properties now I might need to redo it because it populates the list here when you first add the source so I’m going to actually double-click go back into this source and do capture specific window and now that stardew valley is there we can go ahead and hit okay now if you add your source and you still don’t see it showing up on screen you might need to change

The settings inside of the game so like with any game you just go into the options menu and you’re going to want to make sure it’s full screen if full screen doesn’t work you can try making it windowed mode and adding it in as a window capture instead so i’ll try that start a valley window capture I think start Valley specifically is just one of those games that doesn’t always cooperate so well so we can do the window capture here for start a valley and that’s pretty much fine you will see here that at the bottom because the stardew valley window is not a hundred percent of the height of my screen