What is the IELTS Academic Module?

In the previous article, you have read the explanation about the IELTS general training test. Sure, it means that here, the other type of IELTS test, it is the IELTS academic test will be discussed. Before joining the test, it is highly recommended for you to learn about these two types of IELTS. Therefore, you are able to know which one between them that is the most necessary with your needs.

About IELTS Academic Module
IELTS Academic Test or Module is intended for them who want to continue their study to the English speaking countries. Besides, it is often required also to pass the registration process in the international school programs. As additional information, the international school programs are the schools or programs that use English as the daily communication. The schools are not always established in the English speaking countries. But for the international standards they have, the graduates tend to be easier to access or be accepted in the international colleges, even those world-class universities.
IELTS academic test is also required for any educational levels whether it is the bachelor, master, or doctoral degrees. Even some short courses in UK, Australia, and USA also ask for the IELTS academic test result as the administration requirement. In general, the IELTS score required to the bachelor degree is around 5.5-6.5 depending on the college or institution where you register. That’s why; it is even suggested to pass the score of 7 so that your IELTS result can be used more widely in any college or institution that you want.

Listening and Speaking Sections in the IELTS Academic Module
Listening and speaking sections are not really different between the IELTS test for the academic module and for the general training. The IELTS listening consists of 4 monolog and conversation spoken texts that are followed by some questions. They must be answered in 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, IELTS speaking is a brief interview with some short questions. If you can turn to the asking-answering mode into a good discussion, there is a high chance to have a much better score in the speaking section. The speaking test is conducted separately from the other 3 skills. It depends on the institution where you join the test, anyway. It can be in the same or different day from the other test sections.

Reading and Writing Sections in the IELTS Academic Module
The main difference of the test between the IELTS Academic module and general training is placed on the reading and writing sections. The texts given in the academic module test tend to be longer. Meanwhile, there are the academic terms given. Yes, the test is indeed to measure whether you are ready enough or not to study in the new environment.
The IELTS reading and IELTS writing cover various topics related to the history, science, social, economy, and many more. You don’t need to be the experts in those fields but make sure that you have enough vocabularies to understand the texts and answer the questions. Besides, the visual data are also served in the test like in the forms of graphics and diagrams.