Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up

And youtube and you can see this is what I’m seeing right now I can just go to youtube here and I can do here go to my Creator live streaming I’ll go for some poor events go new live event so here in youtube, for example, you just you know you set up your event you do all your title and everything of the video and then once you ready you would for example click the event so right now I’m gonna make this a private event I don’t want people to think I’m actually gonna be streaming something right now so yeah you gotta put in whatever titles and things like that and then create the event so they created the event and then in here it’s gonna ask you for like let’s see a stream so you can set up a different stream keys and all that stuff so I can go for example create a new stream I can give it a name things like that or you can use it for some poor single stream key and then it will give you here a stream name Tv3 Malaysia

And basically that’s what you would copy here into restream so I’ll go in here go to my settings and in here I would go into my stream key you can see it that’s where you would put the stream name and youtube they call it so I would paste that in there and save it and then this would send information to it I actually already have it set up I have it like a reoccurring one that I go that I calls a reusable stream called filmmaking times and I’m doing up here so I just select that Save Changes and now if I go to my life control room it’s gonna be basically sending right now I’m just capturing my desktop so she’s gonna be sending my desktop but you click preview princess preparing your live stream right now it says it’s bad it’s because my computer’s like doing too many things at once so that’s the reason why but anyways this is kind of once it’s it’s accepted it’s gonna say that it’s previewing up here

And yeah right now I could start streaming so it’s not a you can’t see anything up here right now because again I’m using the computer for multiple things and it’s kind of doesn’t know what to do on Facebook it’s again a very similar thing you go to your Facebook let’s say paging the door on your Facebook like your profile is right away go to live video but if you go let’s save Facebook page you can do on a pray for your privacy to the person for public let’s say business page and go to publishing tools go to videos and in here you have this little option called plus live video and then in here it basically will ask you again to put in the title tags all that stuff and it gives you the stream key so you take this copy it go to your restream for example or you know to your streaming software like OBS