Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional anniversary gifts for every birthday are very difficult to remember. You can print this article to post it on your website or in the fridge. There are also gift ideas included in the list so you will not miss other birthday presents. Of course I will not be able to discuss all birthdays, but we will start in the first ten years.

Traditional anniversary gifts

First birthday. The traditional anniversary gifts for the first birthday is paper. You can give your partner an old edition of a classic like “The Rye Catcher” or “The Wind with the Wind”. You can also offer postcards from easily remembered places to gift certificates or anything made of paper. Read also 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

2nd birthday. Cotton is a traditional anniversary gifts . You can buy new sheets, beautiful underwear or underwear, cotton towels or nets. You can also choose personalized shirts, cotton or women’s clothing, cotton canvas bags with your photos on the front.

Third birthday. The traditional gift for the third birthday is the skin. Here are a few gift suggestions: leather boots, shoes, vests, wallets, gloves, wallets, belts, luggage or a good briefcase. You can also offer contemporary gifts such as leather telephone boxes, leather photo cushions or leather frames.

4th birthday. Fruit or flowers are a traditional anniversary gifts for this year. Nothing is more appropriate than sending a basket of fruit or flowers to your partner’s home or office. A more romantic idea is a flower foam bath with scented flower candles and rose petals scattered on the bed. Looks like your honeymoon.

5th birthday As for the fifth, made of wood. This is the perfect year for practical gifts, such as wooden furniture, photo frames or wooden equipment. For a more personal touch, you can share a plate or poster carved with soft words to your partner or a more original gift: a wooden cuff.

Sixth birthday. The traditional gift for this year is iron. You can give golf clubs, iron sculptures, iron skills and don’t forget tools and equipment for DIY types.

7th birthday Wool or copper is a traditional wedding gift for this year. Wool socks, scarves, blankets or new wool suits, copper sculptures, perfect gifts, the latter being more chic.

8th birthday For the eighth anniversary, bronze is a traditional anniversary gift. To make a good impression, you can give antique bronze bells or fancy trips to tropical beaches with sun lotion for both.

The 9th Anniversary Pottery is traditional for this year. You can choose plants, vases, bowls, coffee cups or pottery lessons for birthdays that are more meaningful.

10 year anniversary. Tin or aluminum is a traditional gift for the tenth anniversary. Vintage aluminum service parts are classic. But you can also provide personalized plates.

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