Best OBS Settings for Live Streaming

As gaming and esports have taken off twitch has cornered online streaming on average now you have over a million people watching twitch concurrent which is significantly more than many hey everybody as I’m sure you’ve realized live-streaming has become incredibly popular recently and continues to grow at an extremely fast pace but once started as a way to broadcast video games and basic day-to-day activities is now a way to share your art workout routines and travel the world I’ve created a series of videos to help you get started and I hope that you enjoy them alright so to get started you’ll want to have OBS up and running tv1 Malaysia

If you don’t yet have OBS you can get it for free by visiting OBS project command selecting your appropriate operating system to begin the installation once you have OBS installed and running you’ll want to navigate to the Settings button in the bottom right hand corner if you notice that your OB Asst looks a little bit different than mine and don’t be alarmed there are a few themes that OBS does offer I prefer to work under the dark theme which I believe is now the default theme for OBS however regardless of your theme choice you should still be able to follow along just fine the other setting is of course language I’m going to leave it in English but

If you prefer a different language there are plenty to choose from the other settings in the general tab can be left alone for now this brings us to the stream tab now this section is pretty straightforward your first option is stream type which will give you two choices custom streaming server and streaming services we’re going to leave it on streaming services this gives us a list of services to choose from such as Twitter Facebook live mixer youtube and of course twitch now I find that twitch is probably the most popular so that’s what I’m going to use for the video however the OBS settings that we go through should apply to any live streaming service your next option is your server it is the OBS recommended choice that you leave it on automatic which is probably the case for most of the services that you choose however I have an awesome tool for twitch specifically