5 Tips to Do the IELTS Listening Test Successfully

In the IELTS general test, one of the sections commonly scared off by the participants is the listening section. Why? It is because this section cannot be repeated once the question has been gone. Besides, for many people, the listening ability of the foreign language is considered the most difficult to improve compared to the other skills like reading or writing.
But you should not worry too much anyway. There are some tips and tricks to learn to make the IELTS listening test much easier. What are they? Here they are along with the explanations.

Underlining the Keywords
In the beginning, the time is given to you to read the questions. Well, you should take advantage of this period of time to underline the keywords. Those keywords must be related to the what, where, when, who, and how of a certain situation. This way, when you listen to the recording, you can simply refer to the situations given with the questions on the paper or computer screen.

Paying Attention to the Questions or Orders
Sadly, there are many participants who are failed in the listening section just because they don’t pay attention well to the questions and orders. One of them is during the section when you are asked to write down the words of not more than three words for each answer. You should not do it by not writing down the answers more than three words. If it is possible, you can even write down the order briefly with your own words as the reminders.

Paying Attention to the Spelling
There are some differences in term of the spelling between the American English and British English. Well, the problem is that IELTS uses the British English version. Meanwhile, the more common English to listen to by the foreigners is the American English due to the songs, movies, and more. Based on this fact, it is important if before joining the IELTS academic test, you must learn more about British English. Not only in term of the spelling, but you must also understand the vocabularies and habits more.

Learning about the Percentage, Fraction, and Decimal
The way to write down the percentage, fraction, and decimal must be completely correct in the IELTS listening section. Some examples are the fraction of 2/3 is called two-third and ¾ is called three-fourth. Meanwhile, the decimal of 10.5% is called ten points sic percent. Undeniably, you must not miss out even a single letter or mark.

Focusing on the Easier Questions
Don’t be stressed because you think that the questions are too difficult. This is surely something you cannot avoid. In IELTS listening and any other kinds of test, there must be the range of difficulty starting from the very easy to the very difficult.
It is much better anyway to focus on the easier question. IELTS test is actually only about how you sum up the scores. Meanwhile, the scores are the same between the easy and the difficult ones. If you are focused on the difficult questions, it means you just waste your time.