Tips when starting IELTS Writing Task

IELTS Writing Task is one component in the test for IELTS. Writing is divided into two parts, including text 1 which can ask participants to make writing based on graphs, diagrams or charts. For text 2 which asks which participant should write an essay based on the topic that has been given.

And for that, here are some tips that can be taken into consideration when you start the IELTS Writing Task including:

Careful when reading questions
The first thing you have to do is read all the questions carefully, if you need to underline all the important points that you really need to explain in writing. This step will really help you in answering everything more relevant. In addition, to prevent the possibility of you writing some other topics that are out of topic in the conversation. The above applies to two types of tasks provided.

Prioritize working on task 2
As leaked, task 2 has twice the value of tax 2. So it is highly recommended that you work on task 2 first, to ensure that you can complete the task better.
After reading, do not immediately write

When you read all the questions in the IELTS Writing Task. then you should not immediately start to write. But, try to plan ahead of time about some things about the question and you must know how to divide the writing that you will make in each paragraph or in whatever point you really need in each paragraph line. This way will make it easier for you to write.

Don’t write a little of the amount given
Usually for task 1 there will be participants who are expected to write with the minimum number of words is 150. And for task 2 you are usually expected to write with a minimum of 250 words. It’s good to write more than the amount given, never write from the less amount given, because this will affect the value for you. And the important thing is that you have to avoid the number of posts that are too long because it will make the writing not qualified.

Don’t repeat the sentence from the question
It’s good not to repeat the sentence from the question given. Because the number of posts is not counted. Because this is only considered as repetition. The count will start if you have started the contents.

You can consider writing style
The IELTS Writing task will usually ask you to write in a formal style. Because this will also be included in the assessment. And you also have to avoid writing with long sentences. Because the longer the writing, the mistakes you make will also be greater.