Antique Dark Oak Nightstand: the CM7811N Landaluce of Furniture of America

Oak nightstands have been pretty much favored among homeowners and home designers. The kind with dark tone is especially beautiful for contributing elegant look. It would be all the more so in the case of antique dark oak nightstand. If there is one we can recommend, you might need to consider the Landaluce from the Furniture of America. Let’s see what makes this furniture worth your choice.

Dark Oak Finish for Warm Atmosphere

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Since we need nightstand for bedroom, you know we need the room to be warm enough for us to feel comfortable to stay in. For such warm look, there is nothing better than natural looking furniture. That is why nightstand with dark oak finish would be perfect for the choice. Its deep earthy look will make the bedroom feels very welcoming too. It is sure to enhance bedroom design. Home Furniture Decoration

Touch of Rich Look with Antique Details

Give close look to this antique dark oak nightstand here. Its body design is not as simple as one with clean and straight lines. It is that of antique style after all. So, from this oak nightstand body design, you get artistic handles, bulky small legs, and layer details to make the style. Overall, the look you get is rich one. For traditional bedroom design, such look will add more value to the look of room. bedroom sets for sale

Full Extension of Storage from Drawers

This nightstand we are talking about here comes with ample storage for you. While the tabletop is wide, you get full extension drawers to make good use of. This is possible because the legs are designed to be small to provide that much of storage for you. This antique dark oak nightstand would make handy storage of books for reading before you hit the sack or other purpose needed.

Antique dark oak nightstand contributes warm atmosphere for bedroom. It gives touch of richness with its details and ample storage for storing things.